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City Office

Overview of our municipal structure

City council and city departments

Council for the City of Campbellton consists of a Mayor and six councillors. Regular council meetings are held every second Monday of the month and are opened to the public.


Stephanie Anglehart-Paulin

Deputy Mayor:

Sterling Loga


Marco A. Savoie

Gary Parker

Diane Cyr

Gilbert Cyr

Frederic Daigle

There are seven Committees of Council;

  • Finance/Administration & By-laws,
  • Public Works & Water & Sewer Utilities
  • Public Protective Services
  • Community Services/ Recreation/ Youth
  • Commercial Industrial Development
  • Community Planning/ Housing

and Tourism/ Waterfront/ Beautification

Council roles and responsibilities include:

  • Setting the direction for the municipality
  • Approving budgeted allocations
  • Providing leadership
  • Setting tax rates
  • Establishing priorities
  • Ensuring that all residents of the municipality are provided with an appropriate mix and level of services
  • Approving policies and policy implementation procedures
  • Approving an operating structure for the municipality
  • Understanding and appreciating the role of municipal staff
  • Adopting by-laws, resolutions and policies
  • Maintaining good public relations
  • Evaluating senior management
  • Ensuring that municipal employees are provided with competitive salaries and benefits and with adequate opportunities for skill upgrading and professional development
  • Correcting organizational deficiencies
  • Operating within legislated legal limits
  • Consulting with the public
  • Making decisions for the entire community





76 Water Street, PO Box 100, Campbellton, New Brunswick E3N 3G1
Telephone: 506-789-2700, Tourism: 506-789-2708

Public notices