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City Offices


Chief Administrative Officer - Manon Cloutier

Under the direction of City Council, the CAO is responsible for the supervision and administration of all city departments. The administrator ensures that all orders, by-laws and resolution of Council are enforced, while the Treasurer is responsible to maintain and approve bookkeeping system, preparation of annual budget and signing all cheques of the Municipality along with the Mayor and/or delegated authority.

This office is also responsible to facilitate issues with City Council and to prepare recommendations and reports of on-going initiatives. The economic development portfolios normally fall under the direction of the CAO. Overall coordination between stakeholders is a primary function of this officer. The goals and objectives of Council are carried out through the direction of the CAO.

City Clerk - Jana Allain Boudreau

The City Clerk receives all correspondence addressed to Mayor and Council, which is distributed to the Mayor and/or referred to the appropriate committee. Attends all meetings of Council and Committees of Council, and keeps a record (minutes) of business transacted thereat. The Clerk is also custodian of the books, documents and records of Council and the originals of all by-laws and resolutions; as well as custodian of the corporate seal of the Municipality and the person authorized to affix it and authenticate it. The City Clerk performs any other duties imposed by statute and by the by-laws of the Municipality.

Policing (RCMP)

The City of Campbellton is policed by the RCMP. The Police Chief of the City of Campbellton is Sergeant René Labée. He acts under the lawful direction of Chief Executive Officer of the municipality in enforcing the by-laws of the municipality. The Chief shall report to the Chief Executive officer on the matter of law enforcement in the municipality and on the implementation of the objectives, priorities and goals set by the City Council.

District 9:

Fire Department - Ricky MacNaughton, Fire Chief

This is a senior administrative, operational and supervisory position, responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and directing all fire suppression, related emergency services, and fire prevention operations and programs for the municipality. The Fire Chief is responsible for continuous development and improvement of all departmental services and exercises a high degree of independent action, judgement and initiative on administrative, operational and technical matters, problems and decisions.


The Treasurer is responsible for the day to day finances of all City Departments. This office is also responsible for the monthly financial statements to Council, collection of all accounts receivable, processing of all accounts payable and payroll.

Other functions and responsibilities that fall under this office are to oversee Tourism, Purchasing & Inventory, Projects as well as Human Resources. This office reports to and works along with the CAO in budget preparation and financial recommendations to Council.

City Engineer, Director of Operations - Andre Bernard, P. Eng

The City Engineer / Director of Operations supervises the general operations and all the technical aspects of City projects relating to Public Works, Water & Sanitary Sewer, Building Maintenance, Fleet Department, Recreation, Tourism and Economic Development.

Building Coordinator - Donald Downs

The Municipal Building Coordinator is responsible to execute all scheduling of maintenance, heating, electrical, plumbing and upkeep of all City owned buildings. This position also requires that all City street lights and traffic control lights be maintained and in operating condition. The Municipal Building Coordinator is also the Operating Manager of the Campbellton Memorial Civic Center arena.

Water Sewer Utilities - Jeff Storey

The manager of Water & Sewer utilities supervises and controls the utilities and communicates to his employees the orders of Council. He is responsible for reporting all accidents breakdown in machinery, plant or equipment to Council. He is also responsible to monitor Water quality and environmental issues pertaining to the Water & Sewer systems.

Superintendent - Public Works - Kenny Garrett

The Superintendant of Public Works supervises and controls the Public Works , roads, streets, sidewalks, public places, street lighting, storm sewer system and waste management services of the City of Campbellton. He communicates to his employees all orders of Council. He is responsible for reporting all accidents, breakdown in machinery, plant or equipment to Council. He is to keep all streets clean and free from nuisance at all times and repaired promptly to ensure public safety.

Director of Recreation and Parks - Marc Roy

The director prepares, co-ordinates and implements the delivery of
recreational and leisure programs and services in the City. He also
manages and co-ordinates the development of recreational facilities, i.e.,
ball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, parks and playgrounds.

Tourism Department

The City of Campbellton is a tourism destination promoted through consumer shows, marketing, public relations, literature production and other sales efforts to attract visitors to Campbellton. Other responsibilities include: identify, coordinate and assist in economic and tourism development initiatives.

Set along the renowned Restigouche River and surrounded by the Appalachian Mountain Range, your Campbellton experience is guaranteed to be the start of something special. Stroll along the spectacular Waterfront Esplanade and visit Restigouche Sam, the world’s largest salmon monument. Campbellton is your vacation getaway to a world of wonders. Whether RV-ing, traveling by car, motorcycling, hiking, biking or canoeing, everyone is guaranteed to feel the charm of our natural beauty!

Our Visitor Information Center is located at 56 Salmon Boulevard, near the bridge

Open from January to the end of March, (506) 789-2715 (winter)

Open from mid-May to mid-October, (506)789-2367 (summer)

76 Water Street, PO Box 100, Campbellton, New Brunswick E3N 3G1
Telephone: 506-789-2700, Tourism: 506-789-2708